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From Survive to ThriveFrom Survive to Thrive

BOLD Solutions for Transforming Your Nonprofit

Enormous pressures are placed on nonprofit leaders to redesign their organizations to become more successful. From Survive to Thrive is a useful workbook and online learning tool that will inspire you to do the necessary work of transforming your organization to reach its full potential. Author Mark C. DiStasi, MSOL guides readers through a step-by-step process, taking a look at the vital components for your organization’s success.

The author’s website,, provides a series of video case studies. These inspiring videos present stories from nonprofit leaders as to how their organizations overcame certain obstacles to become thriving nonprofits.

Your organization is unique and faces specific challenges. You are the expert on your organization. From Survive to Thrive leverages and maximizes your expertise to stimulate forward thinking and refocus your mission and vision to realistically transform your nonprofit into the high performing and, ultimately, high impact organization it has the potential to be.

Survive to Thrive by Mark C. DiStasi, MSOL